Links We Love

These are in no particular order and the list will be added on to as time goes on. (Not all of these are food related by the way.)

* * * * * * *

  • OmNomCT–Great blog, great reviews and friendly people too! —  OmNomCT
  • Hey Stamford!–can’t love these guys more! (That’s why we’ve done events with them!!) Stamford-based blog that let’s you know what’s going on in our fair city.
  • CT Bites–a great food blog with lots of info for you on Connecticut restaurants:
  •–wonderful resource for recipes, coupons, dinner ideas, etc:
  •–companion website for the local print magazine:
  • David’s Catering–Stamford catering company featuring gourmet food and has been around since 1988:
  • Dee Cuisine–great tagline–“I blog what I eat.”:
  • Stamford Historical Society–wonderful site for those history buffs who like to know how Stamford came to be:
  • Stamford Downtown (DSSD):
  • Connecticut Restaurant Week–great site that lets you know when restaurant weeks are happening around the state.
  • Goblet Designs Jewelry–local Stamford jewelry designer creating one-of-a-kind jewerly with free US shipping:
  • Roadfood–a favorite here.  Go check them out for reviews on funky joints from all over the country–but they do have a designated CT section as well:
  • On Track Events–New Caanan based marketing and events company:
  • Mashable–an invaluable resource for those who rely on social media to get the word out there:
  • Stamford Pizza Tour–these guys have my dream job–go around and eat pizza and write about it:

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