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These are in no particular order and the list will be added on to as time goes on. (Not all of these are food related by the way.)

* * * * * * *

  • OmNomCT–Great blog, great reviews and friendly people too! —  OmNomCT
  • CT Bites–a great food blog with lots of info for you on Connecticut restaurants: CTbites.com
  • Delish.com–wonderful resource for recipes, coupons, dinner ideas, etc: Delish.com
  • Connecticut Weblogs–a site dedicated to showcasing state blogs and bloggers: CTWeblogs.com
  • StamfordPlus.com–companion website for the local print magazine: StamfordPlus.com
  • Stamford Pizza Tour–these guys have my dream job–go around and eat pizza and write about it: StamfordPizzaTour.com
  • Hey Stamford!–can’t love these guys more! (That’s why we’ve done events with them!!) Stamford-based blog that let’s you know what’s going on in our fair city. HeyStamford.com
  • Stamford Notes–great local blog for your enjoyment: StamfordNotes.com
  • David’s Catering–Stamford catering company featuring gourmet food and has been around since 1988: Davidscatering.com
  • Roadfood–a favorite here.  Go check them out for reviews on funky joints from all over: Roadfood.com
  • Dee Cuisine–great tagline–“I blog what I eat.”: DeeCuisine.com
  • Streets of Stamford–local blogger covering Stamford: StreetsofStamford.com
  • Who’s Out Tonight?–everyone asks this question, so make sure you check out this site for the answer: WhosOutTonight.com
  • Stamford Historical Society–wonderful stie for those history buffs who like to know how Stamford came to be: StamfordChamberofCommerce.com
  • Neighborhood Squirrel–“365 things to do in greater Danbury.”  I love the name: Neighborhoodsquirrel.com
  • Goblet Designs Jewelry–local Stamford jewelry designer creating one-of-a-kind jewerly with free US shipping: TheGoblet.com
  • On Track Events–New Caanan based marketing and events company: OnTrackEvents.com
  • Mashable–an invaluable resource for those who rely on social media to get the word out there: Mashable.com
  • Connecticut Restaurant Week–great site that lets you know when restaurant weeks are happening around the state. http://connecticutrestaurantweek.com

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