Sunday Funday, Arts & Crafts & FIRST DAY OF FALL!!!!!

Happy FIRST DAY OF FALL Stamford!!! The rain has cleared out and it’s gearing up to be a BEAUTIFUL cool, FALL day!!!   And while we are going to just share our Sunday Funday page with you so you know where to watch the games today and where to sing and dance later on tonight, there is a BIG event going on Downtown…Arts and Crafts on Bedford is still going on!!
* * *
If you didn’t get down there yesterday because of the rain, you are really missing out!!  There is a whole lot to do, kids included!  Great time with family and friends and with the extended patios on the restaurants, it’s the PERFECT day for Sunday Funday!!
* * *
As for the games, etc…we have a Sunday Funday page set up for you that will run throughout the 2013-14 season. It has your full line-up on what bar/restaurant has what special so you know where you and your friends are going for the day–just grab your jersey and go!
* * *
So go out and enjoy this beautiful day and have fun!  Thanks for Keeping your Sundays Local Stamford!!!

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