Save the Date Stamford–Next Wednesday, April 2nd…Come and Meet Us!

We are very proud to announce that What’s on the Menu? will be taking part in an event on Wednesday, April 2nd (only a week away) at Lorca on Bedford St.

Lorca, Hey Stamford and WOTM will be hosting this event to bring together the residents of Stamford in a sort of get-to-know setting.  And since it’s being held at Lorca, that means lots of great coffee, churros and more to munch on while we meet up and chat!

Here is the info direct from our event page.  Hope to see you there–after 3+ years of running WOTM, it would be great to put some faces with the names!!!  Here you go…


Lorca, Hey Stamford, and What’s on the Menu? are on a new mission! We want to make new and old residents of Stamford love the city as much as they love Lorca’s coffee and churros. 

Starting in April we will have one night a month to welcome those new to Stamford and re-welcome those still unsure of what Stamford has to offer. Meet, greet, and chat to people who live in and love Stamford, and want to help you love it too! 

Whether it’s the arts, beer, coffee, music, theatre, or the outdoors, we want to help you discover what Stamford has to offer.

All (new or old residents) are welcome to come and chat, nothing fancy or serious, at Lorca on Wednesday April 2rd, 2014 from 6-7 pm.

Come hang out with the Lorca crew, and other great Stamford-ites and put some names to those faces you see about town.

Haven’t heard of Lorca (the most fabulous coffee store in Stamford) or Hey Stamford! and What’s on the Menu (the two most awesome blogs about what’s on around town) then check them out here….


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