Special Post for ALL of Our Follwers!!!

What's on the Menu?

We’d like to say WELCOME and HELLO to all of our followers and thank you for becoming members of we have dubbed our “WOTM Nation”.

2014 is off to a great start so far for us…we’ve been growing all over.  From our website, to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest pages!!  We have a STRONG commitment to Keeping it Local!  Why leave Stamford when there is SO much going on here?!

If you have joined us on our site, (thank you!)  you will be getting our daily (Tues-Sunday) happenings posts sent directly to your email inbox the second we post them.   And if you’ve gone through our previous posts, you’ll see that we try to include places all over the city, not just downtown.  And just an FYI, because we take the time to search for you, we may miss a place or two–our rule is, “we post only…

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