A Monday Message for You…

Welcome to a new week Stamford!
We normally don’t do happenings on a Monday, unless it’s football season, then the Monday Night Football rule is in effect. But we decided to do a little Monday Message post for you guys…
We’re getting a lot of inquiries about places doing specials tonight for the UCONN game–we’re giving you a generic YES! Pretty much every bar in the state will be doing something so we just suggest going to your favorite spot (early) and grabbing a stool and there you go!!
It’s going to be a big night, especially here in Stamford and we’re sure every place around town will be packed tonight!   The ONLY thing we truly suggest is that you be careful. Win or lose (sorry, WIN) tonight is going to just get crazy and we’re sure the cops will be out. So be careful and BE SAFE!!
Now having said that, we thank you once again for being with us, for following, for being members of what we call “WOTM Nation”.  (you know it’s pronounced “Wha-tum” right? lol)
We hope that you not only follow us on our site…and you know that by doing so, you get the happenings delivered right to your email inbox when we post them, but that you also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!  (see links below)
While we update the happenings on the site once a day, Tuesday thru Sunday, we update our Facebook/Twitter multiple times a day! So be sure to follow us there as well and we hope that you tell your friends about us too. 🙂
So that’s it for this Monday Message. Thanks again to all of you for continuing to Keep it Local!!!

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