Update and Pork in the Park Info…

Hello all,

In case you missed our posts on FB, we’ve been taking a much needed break.  But we do apologize for not being around this week.  Sometimes you just gotta take some time to regroup.


We’re going to take a few more days off but while we’re here, wanted to remind you that the Pork in the Park is back at Mill River Park this weekend.  A food gorging fest of smokey goodness, LIVE music, activities for kids of ALL ages (so yeah, you can bring the little ones as well), pig races, bungee challenge, face painting  and more!!


For more info on the whole festival: http://www.porkintheparkbbq.com/


So while we won’t be posting happenings over the weekend, we still wanted to let you know that yes, we are still around and WILL be back. 🙂


Thanks for hanging with us and we’ll see ya’ soon!!!  Have a great time Keeping it Local Stamford!!!

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