Looking for something to do tonight?

We’ve been posting what we now call “quick-hit” happenings on our Facebook page nightly.

What do we mean by ‘quick-hit’?

Well, we used to spend HOURS  each night, trying to find what was going on all around Stamford to post a nightly happenings list. Frankly, it got to be a little much.

However, after giving it a break for months and getting feedback from our loyal followers, we did want to start posting something again.  Especially with the busy season ahead.

So now we grab about 5 happenings, in no specific order that we know are going on around town. This way it gives you guys and idea of where to go, maybe inspires you to go out or try a place you’ve never been and also, maybe you didn’t know a place was having live music or a dj!

Be sure to ‘like’ our FB page to get updates on nightly happenings and so much more.

Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram too!! 😀

Keep it Local Stamford!!!




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