It’s a Steamy Saturday Night Stamford!

It’s Saturday Night Stamford and we have some places for you to head out to. Going to be a hot and steamy one but that’s what cold drinks are for right?

Tonight we start with the DJs, head to the LIVE music and then a little IFC Fight w/Hookah (oh Stamford)…so let’s go…

Kashi: DJ Erik Esquire gets you moving all night long tonight!

Bartaco: Enjem is in the house!

Bradfords: RyFy is BACK tonight!

Tiernans: Our friends Sugar Bear are performing tonight at 10pm! Awesome people, awesome music!!

Flinders Lane: LIVE music with MOJO tonight starting at 9:30pm!

Crab Shell: Hedtrip LIVE at the Shack starting at 7:30pm!

Mystique: UFC Fight airing LIVE tonight! Plus, music by  DJ Dice and Hookah on the patio!

There you go guys. Just a few ideas to get you out and about this fine Saturday evening. We close as we always do…Have fun, be safe and Keep it Local Stamford!


#wotm #keepitlocal #knowwheretogo

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