Special Post for ALL of Our Follwers!!!

We’d like to say WELCOME and HELLO to all of our followers and thank you for becoming members of we have dubbed our “WOTM Nation”.

2014 is off to a great start so far for us…we’ve been growing all over.  From our website, to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest pages!!  We have a STRONG commitment to Keeping it Local!  Why leave Stamford when there is SO much going on here?!

If you have joined us on our site, (thank you!)  you will be getting our daily (Tues-Sunday) happenings posts sent directly to your email inbox the second we post them.   And if you’ve gone through our previous posts, you’ll see that we try to include places all over the city, not just downtown.  And just an FYI, because we take the time to search for you, we may miss a place or two–our rule is, “we post only what we find”.  There are many times that we can’t find a listing for a particular place.  If we leave them off the list, it is nothing personal, it’s just a shame.  However we always suggest that if you are looking for a spot that isn’t listed, just give them a call.  They may just not have had a chance to post something.

Many times, we rely on the bands and DJs themselves to promote their gigs–and we love them for that!!

Just a quick history for those who are new here–we started this just over 3 years ago and have yet to make any money off of it.  Of course we’d love for this to change and gain some advertisers, make this the full-time job it can and should be.  But we still work hard to make sure that our followers understand that Stamford has a lot to offer.  That there are local businesses that we support, local activities that need to be promoted and there are so many new folks to our area looking for a site that offers ideas and we strive to be that resource.  And yes, we do it because we love it!  We also started doing events around town promoting not only our site, restaurants, bars, etc, but Stamford as well! It’s nice to get out and meet folks in person for a change.  🙂

We are also very proud that this  year we are up for our first award–the Best of Fairfield County 2014–Best Local Tweeter.  Excited does not even begin to describe what we are feeling about this!!! If you’d like to vote, thanks in advance–here is the link. Takes 10 seconds to register and we are under the Media and Education section: http://ct-survey.wehaaserver.com/survey-19-best_of_fairfield_county_readers_poll_2014.html


By the way, we WILL be updating this site.  The warmer, busier months are coming and we are fully aware that we need to update some of our site’s pages.  However, remember that we post several times during the day on both our Facebook and Twitter pages things that are going on all around Stamford so be sure to follow us there as well!!  (You just never know what we’ll be posting!)


So that’s it for now.  We wanted to just thank all of our follwers and let you know that we wouldn’t be here without you guys.  We hope you share us with your friends as well and we will post our other links below.

In the meantime, Thanks for Keeping it Local Stamford!!! 🙂


Facebook: http://facebook.com/onthemenuct

Twitter: http://twitter.com/onthemenuct

Instagram: http://instagram.com/onthemenuct

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/onthemenuct/



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