We Made it to Friday Stamford!

Its finally Friday Stamford and the weather is pretty gorgeous out there! We are posting our happenings list early tonight so we may miss a couple of things (apologies in advance) and sorry, no edits tonight. But we wanted to give you some ideas of where to go tonight…let’s get to it…

Tigin: Carlos Miller from The Last Hoorah, Acoustic solo gig from 5-8pm!

Crab Shell: LIVE music at the Shack tonight with Big Chief and the Midnight Groove at 7:30pm!

The Long Ridge Tavern: Kim and the Other Ones LIVE at 8pm!

1947 Lounge at Tawa: The Clams Casino LIVE at 9:30pm! Classic rock and cigar party.

Kashi Stamford: DJ Erik Esquire is back in the house tonight!

Bradfords: RyFy gets you moving upstairs tonight!

Bartaco: LIVE music late night tonight!

Ok guys sorry for the short list but this is all I saw posted so there ya’ go! Remember, if I don’t see it, I don’t post it. Make sure to use our hashtag #wotm or advertise with us to guarantee a spot on the list.

Have fun, be safe and Keep it Local Stamford!


#wotm #keepitlocal #knowwheretogo

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