It’s a Dark and Stormy Saturday Stamford!

We have a few stormy night quick-hit happenings for you Stamford, please be careful if you go out there…here we go:

Bradford’s Grill: DjRyfy is back upstairs tonight!

Bartaco:  Enjem has the beats tonight!

Flinders Lane Stamford: Music by Mojo returns at 9:30pm!

Judy’s Bar + Kitchen: The Wendy May Band is LIVE at 9pm!

That’s it guys. A few outdoor things were cancelled, and if you have questions for other events, please call the venues to find out their status. It’s going to be a rough one out there, wires and stuff are already starting to fall so take it slow if you head out tonight.

Have fun, be safe and Keep it Local Stamford!


#wotm #keepitlocal #knowwheretogo #darkandstormynight

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